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The story so far...

ROGER MARSHALL although now deceased is our Patron. He was involved in long distance and endurance riding as a crew for his sister in law Elizabeth Bartholomew and myself on many occasions. He organised many Endurance and Pleasure Rides although his personal riding passion was in the Dressage Arena. He was a kind and friendly man who welcomed and encouraged new people into the fold on countless occasions. A sentiment that Hoofbeats wishes to continue at their Rides.

Many years ago, Roger’s vision was to form a Long Distance Pleasure Riding Group that offered safe off road rides that people could enjoy and raise money for good causes in the process.

Myself and friends who were looking for a quieter and less competitive environment to enjoy our Long Distance riding decided to form Hoofbeats in December 2015, wishing to follow Roger’s vision. 

Hoofbeats encourages the ‘tiny tots’ starting out on a lead rein to the more senior rider and horse who still love riding in the countryside over shorter distances. The beginners who wish to put on their ‘brave pants’ and come and have a go and we equally welcome the more experienced horse and rider who simply enjoy long distance riding.

Hoofbeats will be offering a wide range of Rides in the future with safe off road routes tailored to the needs of the riders who come and take part, with the guarantee we are putting the pleasure of pleasure riding into our Rides!

We are delighted to have the support of the British Horse Society with our new Group.  Hoofbeats Membership Subscription Form can be downloaded from the subsciptions menu. We hope you will decide to subscribe and join us.


Ellie Head                                                                                          

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