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Hoofbeats Polo Shirts                                  £15.50

Colours Available 

Black, Burgundy, Deep Navy, Bottle Green, Emerald, Heather Grey, Kelly Green, Navy, Orange, Red, White, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Sunflower Yellow or Hoofbeats Purple.

Sizes S 35/37”, M 38/40”, L 41/43”, XL 44/46”, XXL 47/49”

Hoofbeats Hoodies                                      £20

Colours Available  White with Navy/Hot Pink, Bottle Green with Fire Red, Burgundy with Charcoal/Gold/Navy, Candyfloss Pink with Hot Pink, Charcoal with Burgundy/Heather Grey/Jet Black/Orange Crush, Fire Red with Artic White/Jet Black, Forest Green with Gold, Hawaiian Blue with Navy, Heather Grey with Fire Red/Navy/Jet Black/Sapphire Blue, Hot Pink with Navy/Heather Grey, Hot Chocolate with Vanilla Milkshake, Jet Black with Artic White/Fire Red/Gold/Heather Grey/Hot Pink/Kelly Green/Orange Crush/Hoofbeats Purple/Sapphire Blue/Sun yellow, Kelly Green with Artic White/Sun yellow, Lime Green with Magenta Magic, French Navy with Fire Red/Heather Grey/Sky Blue, Oxford Navy with Candyfloss Pink/Hawaiian Blue/Sun yellow, Hoofbeats Purple with Sun yellow/Heather Grey, Royal Blue with Artic White/Sun yellow, Sapphire Blue with Heather Grey/Lime Green/Orange Crush, Sky Blue with Artic White, Sun yellow with Fire Red.

Sizes S 36” M 40” L 44” XL 48” XXL 52”

Car Stickers               Available at all rides                      £1.50

Hoofbeats Pens      Available at all rides                      £1.50

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